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Posted by Claire Pilkington - on 20th Aug 2015

So our son is walking. Ahhh! Cue lots of excited gushing on this important milestone! Dylan gained his independence (literally) on the 4th July, how fitting!

He had been pulling himself up and ‘cruising’ along the furniture for a while, and then one afternoon at home he just stood up on his own. Lightbulb moment, it was like something clicked inside, and about fifteen minutes after that he was off!

A couple of weeks into this exciting new stage and my nerves are shot! Unlike the carpeted flooring in the majority of houses in the UK, here we have hard marble tiles that take no prisoners.

With his new found skill, Dylan is keen to stand up everywhere and walk around – I guess he’s had enough of seeing the world on his hands and knees (I don’t blame him!).

This means worried first-time Mummy over here following the poor little dude around. everywhere We had reached the stage where I could comfortably be cooking or whatever, have him in view and get on with things. Now I can’t, as guaranteed the mini explorer will be off adventuring. Enter SafeheadBABY.

Designed to protect baby skulls from 7months – 2years. SafeheadBABY was designed by a Mother to offer protection from minor bumps and falls. I loved the concept – unsteady feet are bound to have bumps and falls, and this soft headgear offers protection for those delicate little skulls.

So we jumped at the chance to give it a go for ourselves – anything to avoid those panicky moments to try and swoop in before a fall!