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Mind your head

Mind your head

Posted by Faye Bartle - on 20th Aug 2015

X-Man is officially toddling around and while he is learning to be more confident on his feet, he inevitably goes splat from time to time.

Thankfully we haven’t experienced a serious fall but no matter how hands on we are, knocking his head on the floor/wall/furniture as he tumbles around the living room is sometimes unavoidable.

While my husband has given me the “he has to learn” speech, I can’t be convinced that falling down and hurting himself will teach him anything other than how to scream louder. In fact, whenever X-Man does accidently trip, I think it only makes him more cautious about exploring. To top it all off, seeing the tears trickling down his cheeks after a run in with the edge of the table is too much to take for this over sensitive mama.

Of course, there’s also the chance a bang to the head could develop into something more serious. It seemed to risky too me to simply hang on and hope for the best, especially as our Dubai villa has tiled floors as opposed to the soft, squishy carpet we’re used to in the UK. What’s more, I didn’t want to be constantly supporting my baby if it wasn’t totally necessary for fear of stunting his development.

After a particularly bad fall one afternoon that saw X-Man lose his footing at the bottom on the stairs, whack his forehead on the marble and promptly sprout an impressive shiner, I decided to find a solution. Carpeting the villa got a thumbs down from the hubster and I can see his point – sand and shagpile don’t mix. Instead I placed corner bumpers and padded squares around the house, but there’s only so much childproofing can guard against.

What I needed was some kind of helmet and while my husband laughed at the concept, I was sure there must be something out there designed with mums like me in mind. A quick search online led me to SafeheadBABY – a cute bit of headgear that looks like a friendly ladybug but is, in fact, a clever safety helmet for babies.

Created by mum of three, Candida Jennifer, it features a double layer of protective material that covers the soft spots and back of the head. I had to have it and, soon enough, X-Man was the proud owner of the bright red design.

When we got it out of the box, I was pleased to see that it was super lightweight so I didn’t have to worry about it putting pressure on X-Man’s head and neck. Plus, it’s really well ventilated so keeping his head cool while wearing it wasn’t an issue either – even in sunny Dubai.

SafeheadBABY is intended for use in and around the home and is made especially to protect against bumps and bruises from falls from baby’s own height. Essentially, if your tot takes a little tumble while strapped in, the helmet helps cushion the impact and absorb the shock.

It took a while for X-Man to get used to wearing it, as even though he usually wears a cap when outdoors, SafeheadBABY was the biggest thing he’d ever had on his head. At first, he stood very still, looked very unhappy and started to cry until I took it off. After a couple of days of trying, however, he soon got used to it.

Now, if he’s having a particularly energetic day and is tearing around the house uncontrollably or we are going to a new place outdoors that we are not familiar with, we wear the helmet just to be on the safe side. Although it doesn’t mean I can step back and let him run wild, it does give me peace of mind that if he does accidently slip on my watch, there’s something in place to cushion the blow.

Already it has saved him from hitting his forehead against the wall a few times after running at it too enthusiastically and as he learns to climb around the children’s playground I think SafeheadBABY will come into its own. What’s more, the helmet is just so darn cute. It definitely attracts smiles when I am pushing him through the park in his ride-on car and X-Man loves the attention.

Safehead is also in the process of developing other kids’ products – all of which are non-toxic and eco-friendly in nature – so watch this space for updates. Until then, X-Man will be rocking his ladybug helmet and fingers crossed it’ll help us circumnavigate those unwanted bumps and bruises.

SafeheadBABY is available in Dubai at Babyshop and Hamleys, as well as, B-Safe and Landmark Shops. In addition, it can be purchased directly via, which ships worldwide. It costs US$49 (around AED179) and comes in red blue, pink and green.It fits babies aged seven months to two years.