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Expert Reviews

According to the Centers for Disease Control, accidental falls are the number one cause for emergency department visits and hospitalizations in infants and toddlers and the number one cause of traumatic brain injury in children 0-14 years. Infants and young children are highly susceptible to the risk of head and brain injuries while their skulls are maturing. Even a standing height fall for a toddler has the potential to cause significant injury. I commend SafeheadBABY for their innovative development of a helmet to help protect infants and toddlers from the risk of head and brain injuries during their formative years.

John D. Lloyd | PhD, CPE, CBIS

Brain Injury Specialist | Board Certified Ergonomist |

Having SafeheadBABY retail with us, we have seen how positively parents react to the idea of a safety headgear for their baby learning to walk. We definitely think it makes parenting easier and takes one big worry out of childcare. A well designed practical headgear, definitely a smart parenting move.

Gloria Mankani | Child Safety Specialist, Managing Director of B-Safe Trading

Associate Member of The International Association of Child Safety (IAFCS), USA | Member of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), UK

Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time smacking their head into things, whether it’s the corner of a table, the floor, or the underside of a chair they’re crawling under. And while the resulting bumps and bruises are usually pretty minor, they hurt and can quickly turn laughter into tears (and yes, sometimes parents are the ones crying). SafeheadBABY has a solution: soft, adorable headgear. It’s kind of like a helmet, but is very comfortable and lightweight, so your baby won’t want to take it off. SafeheadBABY is made of non-toxic materials and is designed to protect the forehead without interfering with baby’s vision. Ultimately, the SafeheadBABY will give your little one freedom to roam and will give you one less thing to worry about.

Armin Brott | Mr. Dad - Author of 8 best selling books on fatherhood

Parenting Expert featured in The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, American Baby, Parenting, Child, Men’s Health, The Washington Post, and dozens of other major publications and websites.