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Soft Protective Baby Headgear

SafeheadBABY gives you confidence and peace of mind that your little one can explore their newly discovered surroundings without the fear of injuring their heads. This well-planned design has increased ventilation to keep your infant’s head cool and comfortable, while also providing protection, thereby reducing the chances of your baby wanting to remove it.


UPF 50+ Splash Caps

Excellent sun protection in and out of the water to keep your little one's head, neck and eyes protected from harmful UV rays. These adorable Summer Fun Splash caps from Safehead are made with Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+ fabric (the highest level of sun protection in fabric) and features a lightweight protective flap to cover the neck and ears.


XS Toddler Bike Helmet

The perfect protection for your tots! From training wheels to two wheelers, this extra small helmet is designed for ultimate protection for those little noggins with no compromise on comfort.



A patented and award-winning soft protective headgear designed for toddlers learning to walk to help protect them from bumps, bruises and falls from their own height when they are unsteady on their feet. Now instead of constantly having to cruise behind unsteady walkers, SafeheadBABY gives parents the peace of mind and babies the freedom they need.

This smart parenting move eliminates the need for caging your unsteady toddler in a play pen or a crib all day thus allowing them to learn independently but not necessarily hurting their head while doing so.


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